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  stress is an inevitable part in our normal life. many kinds of things, such as natural disasters, war and death can cause too much stress in our life. but according to a psychologist, on a day-to-day basis, stress may result from the small things: taking an exam, waiting in line, and having too many things to do in a limited time.

爱学习   we all need stress to add flavor, challenge, and opportunity to life, but too much stress can seriously affect our physical and mental well-being, it reduces the body`s immunity and harms the brain, if the stress lasts a long time, it may cause physical illness, insomnia, headaches, backaches, ulcers, high blood pressure-even heart disease.

爱学习   when stress does occur, it`s important to recognize and deal with it. there ore some methods we can try. a large number of physical activities can reduce onxiety. shoring our stress with others can be enormously helpful. making time for fun such os listening to music may be good medicine. sometimes even crying is on efficient way to releose stress.


爱学习   We are now live in the world where the fittest will survive. So it seems unlikely that we can avoid the stress form this competitive society. And stress like a double-edged sword, which can be used by us, or hurt us. The appropriate stress can be the motivation for our success, while too much pressure can do great harm to our health and daily lives. If we cannot get rid of it, we must learn to deal with it.

  First of all, we should have a right attitude to stress. It’s important for us to analysis the reasons that cause pressure. If we fear that we may not pass the examinations, then we should study harder, spend more time on the weak subjects, and ask teachers and friends for help. Then the stress on our shoulders can be relieved.

  Second, we should have more confidence in ourselves. Sometimes, we lack of experience or our inner heart is not ripe enough, we just don’t know how to solve the problems, so the stress comes. We should say to ourselves that I love challenges and I am strong enough to face all of these. Failure does not mean I am a loser, it only makes me stronger.

爱学习   Last but not least, we can turn to our friend to talk about our problems. They might give us some useful suggestions. Or we can simply have a short vocation; go to the place we love to relax ourselves.

  In a word, the stress in our lives is inevitable. We should face it probably, have faith in ourselves and use practical ways to deal with it.





  As the pace of modern life continues to quicken,many people are in the habit of rushing through life.Some admit that stress seems to be on the increase all the time.A certain degree of stress is beneficial to us,but too much stress is certainly harmful,and sometimes may even harmful to our health and physique.So it is necessary to know how to reduce stress.


爱学习   There are many ways that can help us solve this problem,but the following may be the most effective.First,learn to come to terms with yourselves.Don't set a goal that is too high because there are many things in this world that are beyond your reach.Learn to be content to go as far as you can.Second,learn to come to terms with the world around you.Don't try to change other people or other things.There are people and things in this world that you can do nothing about.So learn to accept them.Third,don't be too interested in material things and don't try to "keep up with the Joneses."Don't harbor any jealousy,vanity or resentment to others.Be satisfied with what you have.Finally,keep in touch with your friends.Talk with them,share with them your happiness and misery.This will help to make you feel better.


爱学习   These are not necessarily the only ways to solve the problem,and it is my hope that everyone can reduce the too much stress in his work and study and live a relaxed happy life.

爱学习   这些不一定是唯一解决问题的途径,我希望每个人都可以在他的工作和学习上减轻过多的压力,活得更轻松.


爱学习   With the development of society, the competition of the entire society is more and more intense, causing increasing pressure to people. Stress of study, work and life are ubiquitous, but how can we deal with it? Here are some tips that I hope can be useful.


  Firstly, keep good health. A healthy body is the premise to face presure. It’s the least capacity to cope with stress when a person is sick. Secondly, to accept the pressure. The reason why many people can not cope with stress is that they resist and escape it. Actually, there always is trouble and problems once we chose a path to go, because almost everything worth doing is not so easy. Thirdly, solve the problem, rather than complain about it. Many people complain about the surroundings and don’t think about the solutions when faced with problems. We all know that complaint can do nothing but only let you down. As long as the problem not solved, the pressure is always there. Fourthly, tell others your pressure and get help from them. Lots of pressure can’t be solved by our own and the rational way is talking the pressure to workmates or friends to get help from them. But the premise to do so is that we don’t intend to put pressure to others but to seek help and support to solve problems.


  Of course, there also are some other ways to cope with stress, such as readjusting goal and expectation, playing games to relax, even shopping or eating. But no matter how, solving the problem that causes stress is the best way.









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