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爱学习   specialized field




爱学习   specialty

  college major




爱学习   A trained worker who is not a member of a given profession but assists a professional.


  The art or profession of medicine.

爱学习   从业者,执业者从事某事的人,尤指从事职业、专业或技术的人

  One who practices something, especially an occupation, a profession, or a technique.


爱学习   Experienced professionals bring along professional service.


  Is a professional engaged in metal finishing professional enterprise.


爱学习   It is the information management and an information system special course.


  Microbiology is an important basic course for students who major in biology.


爱学习   It is for the information management and information system special course.

爱学习   她由电力专业转到电工材料专业

  She tranferred from an electricity major to an electronic material major.

  1. Traditionally young Asians in Britain have gravitated towards medicine, law and engineering. 英国的亚裔年轻人通常被吸引到医学、法律及工程专业。

  2. Support for monogamy and marriage was strongest among the professional classes. 专业人士阶层最支持一夫一妻制。

  3. His papers were proof against all but the most expert of scrutinies. 他的论文几乎可以经受住最专业的审查。

  4. He is a model professional and an example to the younger lads. 他是个模范的专业人士,是年轻人的榜样。

爱学习   5. We have to develop a less amateurish approach to our organisa-tions. 我们必须使我们对待自己组织的态度变得较为专业。

  6. Always seek professional legal advice before entering into any agreement. 在签订任何协定之前一定要先征求法律专业人士的意见

  7. Most of the staff specialise in the care of children. 多数员工都掌握专业的儿童保育知识。

爱学习   8. He majored in finance at Claremont Men's College in California. 他在加利福尼亚州的克莱尔蒙特男子学院主修金融专业。

  9. The whole cast executed the production with truly professional aplomb. 全体演职人员以一种真正的专业精神,从容不迫地开始了影片的制作。

  10. They run it with a truly professional but personal touch. 他们的经营既有真正的专业水准又不乏个人特色。

爱学习   11. You owe it to yourself to get some professional help. 你应该为了自己寻求专业人士的帮助。

爱学习   12. A high proportion of the new arrivals are skilled professionals. 新来的人中很大一部分是技术熟练的专业人士。

  13. Chicago has 6 graduate and professional schools of high repute. 芝加哥有6所颇负盛名的研究生院和专业院校。

  14. By age 16 he was playing professionally with bands in Greenwich Village. 16岁的时候,他就为格林尼治村的乐队进行专业演奏.

  15. It's a team packed with experienced and mature professionals. 那个小组里都是些有经验的成熟专业人士。

  16. Specialist subjects are full of pitfalls for the unwary. 专业学科充满陷阱,专套粗心大意的人。

爱学习   17. I'd love to hear it played by a professional orchestra. 我很想听听专业管弦乐队演奏它。

  18. I was amazed by their discourtesy and lack of professionalism. 他们的无礼和不专业让我震惊。

爱学习   19. University teachers generally have admitted a lack of enthusiasm about their subjects. 高校教师大体上承认对其所教专业缺乏热情。

  20. Your time could be usefully employed in attending to professional matters. 你可以有效地利用时间处理一些专业问题。


爱学习   A vocational school in Hubei Province is now offering the country's first degree in "crayfish studies" to train students in an important local industry.


爱学习   Jianghan Art Vocational College's "School of Crawfish" in Qianjiang has so far enrolled 86 students for three crawfish-related courses, the Beijing News reported.

爱学习   据《新京报》报道,潜江市江汉艺术职业学院“龙虾学院”目前已招收了86名学生,进行三个龙虾相关的课程学习。

  Starting September 1, the two-year programs promise coursework in crawfish farming, cooking, marketing and catering management, as well as job placement.


  "The crawfish industry is ... worth billions of yuan, but we are yet to see an institution specializing in training," Xia Zhongzhi, a recruitment officer at the college, told the paper.

爱学习   该校招生部工作人员夏忠志向该报透露:“小龙虾产业价值数十亿,但是至今还没有一家专业从事培训的机构。”

爱学习   The major didn't seem to make the grade among netizens. "The students will soon regret their decision," wrote Sina Weibo user "minzhugg."


爱学习   The sentiment was echoed by Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the National Institute of Education Sciences. "We need to evaluate carefully whether it's necessary for the industry before creating a new major," Chu told the newspaper.


  Valued at 146.6 billion yuan ($21.58 billion), the industry employs over 5 million people, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture released in June, Caixin reported.


  关于专业的英文阅读:专业影响性格 选择需谨慎

爱学习   According to a new meta-analysis, there aresignificant personality differences between studentsin different academic majors.

爱学习   根据一项新的元分析,学生学术专业上有巨大的个性差异。

爱学习   Anna Vedel, a psychologist from Aarhus Universityin Denmark, analyzed 12 studies examining thecorrelation between personality traits and collegemajors. Eleven of them found significant differencesbetween majors. The review examined the so-called“Big Five” traits: neuroticism, extraversion,openness to experience, agreeableness, andconscientiousness.


爱学习   Arts and humanities majors are in the position of being anxious, but not very organized.Theywere less conscientious than students in fields like science, law, or engineering. They alsotended to score higher on ‘neuroticism’.

爱学习   艺术和人文专业学生焦躁、条理欠佳,不及科学、法律和工程学专业的学生认真。他们“神经过敏”一项分数更高。

爱学习   On the plus side, along with political-science majors, arts and humanities students also scoredhigher on openness than did economics, engineering, law, or science students. Openness ischaracterized by an active imagination, love of variety, and a wide range of intellectualinterests.


爱学习   Economics and business students rated consistently lower in neuroticism. Along with lawstudents, business and economics students were also less agreeable than students in theother majors. Economics, law, political-science, and medicine students were more extrovertedthan students in the arts, humanities, and the sciences.

爱学习   经济和商学专业学生在神经质一项评分始终偏低。和法学学生一样,商业和经济专业的学生没有其他专业的学生好相处。经济、法律、政治学和医学专业的学生要比艺术人文和科学专业的学生要更外向。

爱学习   Vedel hopes her findings can help college counselors guide students into the best majors fortheir personalities.

爱学习   维戴尔希望她的发现可以帮助大学辅导员引导学生根据其个性选择最好的专业。

爱学习   The findings are explained somewhat by the gender distribution among college majors. It'swell-known, for instance, that women are far less likely to enter engineering fields than men are,and women tend to be more neurotic, agreeable, and conscientious than men, according tothe study.

爱学习   研究多多少少解释了大学专业的性别分布。比如,众所周知,女性远远不及男性那样容易进入工程学领域。根据研究所说,女性更神经质、性格更讨喜、比男性更认真。







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