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  outstanding ; brilliant ; remarkable ; excellence ; predomination

爱学习   网 络excellence;joyo;outstanding;transcendence


爱学习   卓越的,杰出的以卓越或杰出为特点的;卓著的

  Characterized by excellence or distinction; eminent.


  There has been a steady flow of superior products.


  Everyone would have excelled in something if he had known his strong point.


  He made an outstanding contribution to science.

爱学习   她以卓越的功绩而受人注意。

爱学习   She was conspicuous by her brilliant merits.


  Her superiority made her a very superior kind of women.


  This hotel is in a fabulous location and has returned to excellence.


  Epitropic fibre has excellent resistance to reducing agents.

爱学习   这些卓越的野兽存在着被术士窃取的可能。

  It may be possible for a warlock to steal one of these fine beasts.


  1. I had been promoted for what was called gallant and meritorious service. 我之所以得到提拔是由于立下了所谓的英勇卓越的功勋。

  2. She was a fiery, brilliant and unyielding intellectual and politician. 她是个充满激情、才华卓越、毫不妥协的知识分子和政治家。

  3. This remarkable technology provides far greater clarity than conventional x-rays. 这项卓越技术的清晰度比常规的X光高得多。

爱学习   4. Abraham Lincoln achieved greatness. 亚伯拉罕·林肯成就卓越。

  5. The medal bears the inscription "For distinguished service". 奖章上刻有“功勋卓越”的字样。

  6. I have had the good fortune to work with some brilliant directors. 我有幸与一些卓越的主管人员共事。

  7. The annual competition has encouraged the emergence of several talentedyoung musicians. 每年一度的比赛造就了若干卓越的年轻音乐家.

  8. He moulded a talented amateur into a brilliant actor. 他将一个有才华的业余艺术爱好者培养成了卓越的演员.

  9. The year went out, with great achievements on all fronts. 这一年以各阵线都获得卓越的功绩而结束.

  10. She was strongly committed to her job, a policewoman by eminence. 她非常忠于职守, 一位卓越的女警察.

  11. My computer is a desktop computer of excellent quality. 我的计算机爱学习是品质卓越的台式计算机.

  12. This diplomat possessed an excellent gift for repartee. 这位外交官具有卓越的应对才能.

  13. He was a distinguished publicist. 他是一位卓越的宣传家.

  14. He played with great brilliance. 他的演奏显示出他卓越的才华.

  15. The quality of his character and the caliber of his accomplishments produced a lasting influence. 他的优秀品格和卓越成就影响深远。

  16. I had the car for two years and much enjoyed its excellent handling, quietness and silky gearchange. 我的车买了两年了,我非常喜欢它卓越的操控性,安静舒适的驾车环境和平稳流畅的换挡操作。

  17. I was delighted to be a nominee and to receive such a prestigious award in recognition of our company's achievements. 我很高兴获得提名,也很荣幸接受如此声誉卓越的奖项,这是对我们公司所取得成就的认可。

爱学习   18. The medal bears the inscription 'For distinguished service'. 奖章上刻有“功勋卓越”的字样。

爱学习   19. Obey standards unless there is a truly superior alternative. 除非有真正卓越的替代方案,否则必须遵守标准.

爱学习   20. To such a professional body Roger Chillingworth was a bri lliant acquisition. 与这样的一种职业团体相比,罗格、齐灵窝斯便成了一个卓越的名家.


爱学习   Consider… YOU. In all time before now and in all time to come, there has never been and will never be anyone just like you. You are unique in the entire history and future of the universe. Wow! Stop and think about that. You're better than one in a million, or a billion, or a gazillion…


  You are the only one like you in a sea of infinity!!!


  You're amazing! You're awesome! And by the way, TAG, you're it. As amazing and awesome as you already are, you can be even more so. Beautiful young people are the whimsey of nature, but beautiful old people are true works of art. But you don't become "beautiful" just by virtue of the aging process.


  Real beauty comes from learning, growing, and loving in the ways of life. That is the Art of Life. You can learn slowly, and sometimes painfully, by just waiting for life to happen to you. Or you can choose to accelerate your growth and intentionally devour life and all it offers. You are the artist that paints your future with the brush of today.Paint a Masterpiece.


  God gives every bird its food, but he doesn't throw it into its nest. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, it's truly up to you.










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